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Done-For-You Email Marketing for


Busy Entrepreneurs


Recap is the best way to increase engagement and revenue for your business.


Recap is a done-for-you email marketing service for busy entrepreneurs. If your business has made a significant investment in building an email list, yet lack in-house time to leverage it, we can help. Guaranteed.

The Biggest Problem Facing Content Marketers: 


Content Overload

Your potential clients and customers are busy.  They only have so much time in a day to listen to podcasts, read your blog posts, and engage your community or social media posts.

In fact, you’re probably not the only person/company that your potential client is following.  I mean, how many podcasters, bloggers, or content marketers do you think they are following on a regular basis?

With the rise in popularity of content marketing your prospects are inundated with choices for new podcast episodes, blog posts, and social media updates from everyone else in your industry on a daily basis.

So how do you keep their attention?

Most marketers just keep writing blog posts, recording high value podcasts, and post engaging posts on social media hoping that with enough consistent shouting they’ll get their message across.

Lets face it: Who has the time to read every new piece of content or listen to every podcast that comes out the day it comes out?

Recap was able to take a must-do task off my plate and put together a great email design. I don’t have to tell them what to do or when to do it – Recap gets it done every week without my involvement and it always ends up flawless. Justin McGill

Founder, LeadFuze & Zero to Scale Podcast

How We Can Help You Get More Engagement


& Increase Revenue

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy building an audience for your brand.

You and your team are content creating machines!  From writing blog posts to producing podcasts, to making sure your social media is flowing with engaging posts, you are inundated with creating content for your brand.

All of this content creation has a purpose…right??

It’s to build an email list, an asset that you can leverage to grow and build your business for ALL of eternity.

But, most of the time, you get so caught up in the content creation side of things and running your business that you forget to leverage your number one asset:

Your Email List.  Or you’ve tried, but you don’t really know how to leverage your email list.

You need someone who can provide custom, done-for-you, email marketing, or what we like to call a Recap, that continuously helps you:

1. Display your authority and expertise

2. Prove the value of working with you and your business

3. Offer the opportunity to work with you and your business

The point of Recap is to literally drive the end result of what you REALLY want:


More engagement with your content that leads to increased revenue for your business.

Recap collects content from across all of your content marketing channels and repackages it into a custom email newsletter designed for your audience and distributes it on your behalf.

Then we optimize your newsletters through A/B split testing and applying best practices, such as re-sends, to further leverage your content leading to greater engagement and increased revenue.

Recap has an uncanny ability to see email through the perspective of your target market and isolates what or what doesn’t entice them to take action. Extremely valuable. Jack Wheeler

Owner, 360 Fitness

How it Works


Recap is designed to quickly and efficiently recap your content and email it to your list with as little involvement with you as possible.

Step 1. We Collect Your Content

Our team will collect content across all of your content marketing channels, such as your blog, podcast, and social media.

Step 2. We Design Your Recap

We recap all of your content and design your Recap with best practices in mind, adding content that will engage your list and drive revenue.

Step 3. We Send Your Email

Then we run a series of A/B split tests to optimize for your list.  This could be time of day, subject lines, calls to action, or content.

Who’s the mastermind behind Recap?

Mark Santiago

Mark Santiago

Chief Email Marketing Specialist

Mark Santiago is the Chief Email Marketing Specialist at Recap. He comes with several years experience in both the startup and corporate world as an Email Marketing Specialist.  As a corporate email marketer he was responsible for increasing email revenue by 40% in his first year, managing a list of 200k subscribers with over $600k in yearly email revenue.

Mark is continually growing as an email marketer and is Email Messaging Certified with MECLabs, a leading online marketing research firm.

Apart from work, Mark is actively involved in several nonprofits, is the husband to Elisha, and three amazing, yet crazy kids.

Want to connect with Mark?  Schedule a chat here

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’m not happy?

Hey that’s not a problem.  We know that it can happen.  The first thing we’ll do is see if we can find out what happened. Then we’ll be happy to remedy the situation and redo the job until it meets your expectations.

Can you write my emails for me, from scratch?

You betcha. Absolutely.  With a little help from you such as what we want to accomplish with the email, who your customer is, we can do the job.  However, it helps if we can have copies of other emails/blog posts you’ve written so can write as close as possible to your “voice”.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

Nope. Nada. Absolutely not.  At this time, we don’t want to kill a good thing so we’re operating on a month-to-month basis with all of our customers.

Are you any good?

I think our results speak for themselves, but yeah…I think we’re pretty good ;).  If you’re unsure of whether we are a fit or not, sign up for a free 15 minute chat.  Feel free to use the information I provide and see if it outperforms the “control” email.

I want to sign up, but I have more questions


Perfect.  I’m happy to help.  Sign up for a free 15 minute chat with me


I saw results in my very next broadcast – my click through rate doubled! Dave Schneider