Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it free?
Yes, our service is completely free, within fair use.
Q: How long are e-mails stored?
E-mails are stored for 14 days. Our pro/paid subscription has a 12 month storage time.
Q: Are all mails stored?
No, mail over 1 MB in text or with attachments will be stripped. This makes less than 1% of received mail.
Q: Can I view/download the attachments?
No. We strip attachments and save only the messages.
Q: What if i need to receive an attachment?
You can set the "Large email processing" to “forward" on the dashboard. We will not store attachments, but forward them to you.
Q: Is it possible to send a full mail in one overview?
No. You will only get the first 100 - 600 characters per mail.
Q: Do you sell my data?
No, we do not distribute any data to any other organization.
Q: How secure are my e-mails?
All content of all e-mails is stored encrypted via AES-256.
Q: Is my data PERMANENTLY gone after 14 days?
Yes, we delete older mails from our database. This is mainly to ensure that we don't need a huge database.
Q: I need an email from 15 days ago. Can you help?
No, sorry. We also delete our backups older than 14 days.
Q: How can I upgrade my account to pro?
Login to the dashboard and go to Upgrade.
Q: How can i unsubscribe / delete my account?
Login to the dashboard and go to the settings page. Set your account status to "Stop" and you will never receive any mail.

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