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After registration, you can use your directly. Use it for mailing lists, online shops, "one-time" uses, and shady sites.
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Your daily summary
Every day you will receive a recap (summary) of the received e-mails. This recap will be sent to your primary e-mail address.

Save everyday

Your time
The 10 e-mails per day that go to your e-mail will save you time, and improve your focus. You don't get disturbed by these e-mails every hour, and you receive the summary when it suits your schedule.
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Always safe

Your privacy
You are protected twice. First, we protect your primary e-mail address. No one can send you spam or unwanted e-mails. Second, your e-mail are stored encrypted. No one can read or access your e-mails.

Easy access

Your dashboard
Although you don't need to access your dashboard, it can be really helpful. You can access your history (received e-mails), you can send e-mails, and you can prioritize and block senders.
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See the survey

For everybody

Completely Free
Recapmail is completely free. To do so, we sometimes incorporate ads in the daily recap (summary). You can also get a premium subscription with longer storage time, and without the ads.

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